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Fall 2021

Zoom Recording


Using Mathematica to create interactive physics apps
Tatsu Takeuchi, Virginia Tech

A bead sliding on a rotating rod with elastic and frictional forces  Video
Carl E. Mungan, United States Naval Academy

Investigating research themes and funding for the Physics Education Research community
Rebecca Rosenblatt, AAAS/NSF

Virtual labs as an opportunity to introduce students to programming
David Morgan, Richard Bland, College of William and Mary

Dynamics of digits: Calculating Pi with Galperin billiards
Nate Harshman, American University

Everyone Makes Errors: A 19th-Century Mathematical Attempt to Prove the Existence of God
Adrian Rice, Randolph-Macon College

The Brehme Angle and the velocity triangle  Video
Lewis McIntyre

Remote instruction  Video
David Wright, Tidewater Community College

RPG physics games in the classroom during covid
Eric Bubar Marymount University

Examples of project-based learning in physics 
Rhett Herman, Radford University

Getting Started with JupyterLab
Rachele Dominguez, Randolph-Macon College

October 24, 2020